About Easynet

Who are we: Easynet is one of the original Australian Internet Service Providers (ISP). Other ISPs come and go, even teh big ones.

We understand the way to succeed is to live up to our name and make all aspects of the Net "Easy" for our customers.  

Large corporate customers get good support from large ISPs and Telcos. Small companies and individuals do not. If you are a small business or a home customer, you are much better off with a smaller ISP that has staff who remember you and your various needs and problems, and can respond to them quickly. This is Easynet.

When you try out some of our services you will see for yourself why we have never had a single complaint against us with the internet government regulatory body. (The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman)

We have head offices in Sydney Australia, and engineers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and affiliate engineers in other countries. For your protection we are a full Proprietary Limited Company.

Our guarantee: If you have changed plans or closed a service that results in us having inadvertently overcharged you we place money back into your credit card account on line, or send a cheque immediately we become aware, no waiting even a single day. The horror stories you hear about many ISPs making you wait weeks or months to get your money back does not happen with us. It would waste your time and ours for no good reason.

We are confident you will never have a bad word to say about us and will always be recommending us to your friends.

Industry bodies you can complain to about ISPs: The one that has the most teeth and can act on your behalf, rule in your favor, and fine ISPs severely is the TIO. However it will only get involved after you have given your ISP reasonable opportunity to resolve the problem. If you have services with an ISP and they are not doing the right thing, or have draconian invoicing practices or terms, complain to the TIO to get satisfaction, and then move your business to us.
Where are we: Our servers are in an ISP housing center at Glebe in Sydney. A large percentage of Australian ISPs have moved their servers into this part of Sydney. What this gives us is:
  • fast internet access because overseas and intra-country major Internet trunk lines connect directly into this building or into other buildings nearby.
  • extremely fast internet access between all the ISPs in the same building - all on the same high speed internal network.
  • our servers are safer from theft, fire and power outages, making them more reliable
  • 24 hour ISP engineers on site.

Our main office is in Mona Vale a Sydney Northern Beach suburbs. Since early 2003, we have run a distributed work force with staff and contractors working remotely.

Other things you will like about us: We give some of our customers a great e-mail address in the format yourname@easy.com.au 
It's "easy" for your contacts remember. 

Pricing is tailored to your specific requirements.

Flexible payment options. We accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, or direct deposits to our bank (cash or electronic). 

We provide all types of training course and send our personal trainers to your home or offce.

Everything for small business; web page creation, shopping carts, databases, Virtual Web Hosting, Domain Name worldwide registration etc. 

Professional technical support. Our staff are fully trained graduate electronics engineers and computer scientists.

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