Our Callers Association

Our Association has a membership of around 50 callers from all areas of NSW. The membership is represented by an Executive Committee, who's task is to provide positive leadership and to encourage the free exchange of information and ideas between callers.

Membership is available to all Callers who reside within the State of NSW (and those outside of NSW that wish to subscribe). Click on "How to Join" for more details about Membership benefits and status.

Our Executive Committee

President - Les Heaton
Vice President (Education & Training) - Barry Wonson
Vice President - Ted Thomas
Secretary/Treasurer - Andy Lown
Publicity Officer - Lorrain Long
Technical Officer - Brian Hotchkies
Representative to Square Dance Society - Ron Burret
oard Members - Andy Lown (State Coordinator), Margaret Betts, Ted Thomas, Barry Wonson

Promotion of Square Dancing

Our intention is to make Square dancing available to all who wish to participate in this great activity. We will be happy to provide a Caller for your party or special function or to help you find the club that is most convenient to your location. Please send your request by e-mail.

Caller Education

We are dedicated to ensuring that our members are informed of current knowledge and calling techniques. To this end, we host various seminars at our general meetings for callers of all experience, and conduct caller schools on a regular basis.

A Forum for Discussion and Comradery

We promote the free exchange of knowledge and ideas. The best way to meet and talk is by attending our general meetings (held five times each year). For those who can't attend, we have a newsletter where you can read about what's happening, and express you opinion about any square dance related topic.

Our Code of Ethics

We believe in co-operation and fellowship between all callers. Our code of ethics acts as a guide to what we believe is the most ethical way to behave.
Click on this link to view our CODE OF ETHICS.