How to Join the NSWCA

Membership is available to all Callers who reside within the state of NSW. Associate (subscriber) membership is available to Callers outside of NSW.

Application can be made in writing to:
The Secretary, 40 Wallallong Cres.
West Pymble NSW 2073 Australia

or e-mail to

Membership Benefits

Members of the NSW Callers Association are entitled to attend all meetings, seminars and social gatherings of the Association. They will receive all minutes of meetings, our newsletter "Round-Up", and Caller Education notes. In addition to this members can apply for an APRA Licence, Public Liability insurance and membership of the Australian Callers Federation. All members are entitled to stand for

Membership Status

Active Member

To be an Active Member of the NSW Callers Association you must reside within the state of NSW, and currently be running a Square Dance Club. Active members must have graduated from a Callers School approved by the NSW Callers Association. Active members are entitled to voting privilages at Association meetings, including motions affecting our constitution.
Active members are required to promote square dancing to the general public by conducting regular beginners classes in the same area as their clubs. If your club is Mainstream, you must be graduating new dancers at Mainstream. The same policy applies to Plus and Advanced (etc.) club callers. Active members are required to be members of the NSW Square Dance Society.

Associate Member/Subscriber

Former Active Members can be granted Associate status, which entitles them to the same privileges as Active members, but without voting rights. Callers residing outside of the state of NSW can apply for Subscriber membership, which entitles them to the same privileges as Associate members.

Trainee Caller

Newer callers who have the intention of starting a club in NSW are encouraged to join as a Trainee member. Trainee members are required to attend an approved Callers School as soon as possible. Trainees are encouraged to attend our meetings and seminars and will receive all correspondence, but do not have voting privilages, nor can they stand for election to the Executive Committee.

Life Member

Members who have shown outstanding service to Square Dance Calling, support to Square Dance Callers and the Square Dance movement in NSW can be nominated for Life Membership to the NSW Callers Association. Nominations must be voted on by the membership of the Association. Those granted Life Membership are entitled to the same privilages as Active members but do not have to pay annual membership fees. Recipients of Life Membership so far are Ron Jones, Tom McGrath, Lucky Newton, Les Hitchen, Brian Hotchkies and Chris Froggatt.