NSW Callers Newsletter

The NSW Callers Association Newsletter is known as "Round UP". This publication is produced several times per year and features many caller related articles.

Regular Features

  • The Presidents Report:

  • Learning the "Tricks of the Trade"

  • Choreo Feature

If you would like to submit material for publication in Round Up please send an e-mail to THE EDITOR

Links to a Selection of Articles of Interest

To read the article, click on the title. to return to this page, click on the "back" button of your tool bar. All articles were written by Chris Froggatt unless otherwise stated.

Choreo Features

Using Cross Run

Turn Thru

8 Chain Thru

Pass to the Centre

Mini Squares
by Tony Alessi

The Tricks of the Trade

Music Selection
Microphone Techniques

The "Ex-potential" Calling System
by Ron Reiman
Teaching Mainstream

Hoedown Music

Ethics of Using Minidiscs

Calling Duets

Never a Dull Moment

Editorial / Discussion

Public Relations Initiative by Steve Dean
Convention Programming
by Steve Dean
Convention Programming
by David Cox