Callerlab Definitions

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Why Programs and Lists?

CALLERLAB programs define a world-wide standard of square dance calls to be taught in square dance classes or workshops. Program lists, such as this one, list the set of calls that may be called at a dance advertised to be a specific dance program i.e. Basic, Mainstream, Plus, etc. Dance promoters are encouraged to list the program to be danced on fliers, brochures and other advertisements of open dances. Dancers should refer to the program designations to seek out dances that will consist of material with which they are familiar. Program lists are used by callers in programming an appropriate dance for a specific group of dancers. Including the desired program in the caller's confirmation agreement will provide programming guidance to the caller as well as protection for the sponsoring organisation.

The program(s) are not intended to segregate dancers into exclusive groups or to indicate that one who chooses to dance at his or her own preferred program is any better, or any worse, than any other dancer. Dancing skill can be achieved at many programs, and the quantity of calls is not necessarily an indication of dancer proficiency. It is hoped that the program lists will be used to aid in a logical teaching progression and thorough coverage of basics in classes and to provide an enjoyable modern square dance for dancers of all inclinations. In addition, CALLERLAB's intent is that approved styling and timing of square dance movements will be an integral part of all classes and dance programs. It is also hoped that proper teaching, including timing and styling, will result in smooth dancing for the greater enjoyment of all.

Responsible leaders, within and outside of CALLERLAB, recommend that dancers dance regularly at the program at which they graduate for at least one (1) year before they enter into classes or workshops for another program. This means that dancers graduating from the Mainstream Program should dance regularly at Mainstream dances for a year before going into the Plus Program. Graduates from the Plus Program should dance regularly at Plus dances for a year before going into an Advanced Program, etc.

There should be no pressure put on dancers to move from one program to another once they have graduated. Dancers should be encouraged to take their time, enjoy the fun and fellowship and learn to dance well at that program before moving on to another program.