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Steve and Vickie Dean started Square Dancing in 1978, after seeing a flyer in a health food store in Ryde (Sydney).

We danced intensively for a few years at many dance levels. Then we wanted the ultimate dancing mental challenge - making up the routines in real time, as people danced to them, i.e. calling and teaching square dancing.

We attended a one year caller school and apprenticeship, and many callers schools since. We are accredited in NSW through the NSW Callers Association, nationally through the ACF, and internationally throughout the world body of callers - Callerlab

We have been teaching square dancing to new and experienced dancers since 1980, and have transitioned from attending caller schools to running them.

Steve is the current President of the NSW Callers Association. Both Steve and Vickie have a long string of national and international credits, are excellent callers of the New Square Dance style, and most importantly know how to make dancing fun!

Steve Dean:

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Vickie Dean:

Peter Dean (age 7):