Dial-Up (Up to 56KB) Easynet has service choices based on hours used + unlimited data; or data used + unlimited hours; or casual hours usage. There is no cost to change from package to package, no joining fees, and no minimum term. Our Easy3 to Easy40 dial-up services are ideally suited to those who are not heavy internet users, including parents wanting to keep in touch with grown up children, social clubs, young families etc.
Service Name Price /mth 
inc GST
Hours or MB 
included /month
Usage inc GST
Easy3 $6.60 3 hours $2.20/hour
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Easy15 $11.00 15 hours $2.20/hour
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Easy25 $16.50 25 hours $2.20/hour
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Easy40 $22.00 40 hours $2.20/hour
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Easy60 $31.90 60 hours $2.20/hour
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Easy120 $42.90 120 hours $2.20/hour
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Easy240 $64.90 240 hours $2.20/hour
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Easy Unlimited Lite $22.00 50 MB $0.33/MB
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Easy Unlimited Low $33.00 300 MB $0.22/MB
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Easy Casual Use Top up credit
min of $33.00 
0 hours $2.20/hr
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Child account $6.60/mth NA NA
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As well as Easynet dial-up being low priced, the other good news is:

  • All services (except casual use) include a whopping 25MB of personal storage on our system free, for web pages, uncollected email, web mail, or anything else you want to store. 
  • The Easynet dial-in phone number works as a local call from anywhere in Australia.
  • There is no minimum term for any service, just the current month you have paid for. (We provide quality services and support, so our customers stay with us).
  • There are no fees to change from service to service.
  • Set-up costs are currently on special - free
  • There is no fee to 'top up' to a higher service just for the month running if the month turns out to be busier than normal, thus avoiding additional usage charges. Our system even sends you a courtesy email as soon as you go into excess hours or MB in case you have not noticed so you can top up or change to a higher plan to avoid being invoiced additional usage charges.. This way you can choose a lower cost basic service with less included hours or MB than you otherwise could.
  • If customers pay 11 months worth of fees for any service, we reward them for reducing our paperwork by crediting their account with a 12th month free.
  • Flexible payment options include: Direct deposit (cash or bank transfer), cheques, money orders, or automatic or manual processing of Bankcard, Visa, MasterCard, Diners, and AMEX. All payment methods are equal - there are no additional processing fees for any of them.
  • Excess hours and MB are not rounded up for invoicing. They are pro-rata calculated for partial hours or MB and you are charged only for what you have actually used. 
  • Child accounts are economical subsidiary accounts, billed to your main account (parent account), to provide extra mail boxes, web storage space, web sites for multiple domains, etc. Hours used and MB are tallied as part of the parent account's quota.
  • Unlimited hours plans have no session time-outs. Stay on as long as you like.
  • In our customer area you can review each call you have made to us, as well as your invoices and payments.
  • Your xxxx@easy.com.au email address is easy for friends to remember and can be accessed via normal email programs and/or via web-mail from anywhere in the the world
  • Easynet offers the highest grade of technical support. Most of our phone staff, personal trainers and staff sent to sites, are graduate electronic engineers or computer scientists and are good problem solvers. Support is available 24hrs a day (via pager out of hours)
  • You can associate domains with your account. (Domain purchase and hosting is low cost)

Plain English Terms:

  • Invoicing is monthly in advance by email. Invoices are also statements. A positive balance means your account is in credit, a negative balance means you owe money. Receipts are also sent by email.
  • You can specify any email address for us to use for invoices and correspondence.
  • Temporary account blocking normally occurs 10 days after invoice, so you have around 5 days to pay plus 5 days for it to get to us and be applied to your account. 
  • Our accounts system accepts advance payments and automatically applies portions of them to each new invoice as appropriate.
  • Telephone charges are separate to Easynet Internet charges.
  • Unused hours or MB do not carry forward month to month.
  • For the two MB based plans data is counted in both directions.
  • Your months run from the date you signed up, not calendar months
  • To activate a casual use dial-in plan deposit at least $33 then each time the credit balance approaches zero, deposit at least $33 more. This plan does not include an email box or web server space.
  • If you have set your account payment method for automatic credit card processing, then other services you take from us (one off or recurring) will be processed the same way.
  • If you breach our acceptable usage policy your email and possibly dial in access will be terminated without notice.
  • Any variation to our prices, up or down, will be notified by email in advance. All announcements are emailed to the same email address we email your statements to.
  • Even though our system is reliable and robust we do not provide guarantee of data backup for any data you keep on our servers. You must keep your own backups. Also transfer your incoming emails from our mail servers to your own computers frequently.
  • Late payments may incur interest penalties at 2% per month.
  • Bounced cheques and failed credit cards may result in Easynet invoicing you $20 minimum for contacting you, manually reprocessing payment, and writing the original payment back out of our on-line accounts. This charge will increase to cover any penalty fees charged by the banking institutions involved.

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