The Instructor

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Vickie Dean has a husband Steve, & 19 year old son Pete.

She first saw clogging in 1985 when it was demonstrated in Victoria by an American leader living in Western Australia.

She got her first real lesson in Gympie QLD. At that time there were only 3 Clubs in Australia. One in WA, SA & QLD

After several training trips to USA she introduced clogging to NSW in 1988.

There are now over 100 clubs around Australia.

Many of the more remote ones first started as a result of Vickie's step teaching videos.

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Vickie was in the very first group of individuals to go through the Certified Clogging Instructor Course (CCI) to become a Certified Clogging Instructor. This involved everal trips to the USA.

She is also in the International section of the US Clogging Hall of Fame

She served the maximum allowable term as President of the Australian Clogging Association

Vickie is one of the lucky few to have been invited to serve as a staff instructor at the USA National Clogging Convention. Only a few non USA instructors have served.

Vickie is also a Nationally recognised Square Dance Caller and teacher.