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1. Choose your username: Log in username is also the first part of the email address provided for you e.g. username@easy.com.au Usernames can be up to 8 characters and numbers. Choose carefully as this is your account reference and cannot easily be changed. (Tip: Avoid using a persons name to minimize junk email addressed to generic names. Half of your first and last names, or you and your partners name merged together or a nickname are good)
2. Choose your password: It is also up to 8 characters, but not critical as you can change it as often as needed
3. Provide us with your details: Fill in the secure Registration Form below & submit it. (Or call us and sign-up by phone. 02 9999 0319 working days 8.30am to 4.30pm) If under 18 you also need to get parent or guardian approval to us. If we need more information, or your first choice username is unavailable, we will contact you. Otherwise the account will be set-up and activated and invoicing will commence.
4. Configure your computer: Use the Internet wizards on your computer to set up your dial-up software and web browser. If you use email with the account, also set up your email program. Most Easynet settings are the defaults provided by the wizards. You will need to set your username, password, our Australia wide local-call dial-up phone number 0198307019 For POP email the SMTP and POP3 mail servers are both mail.easy.com.au (Easynet recommends you have up-to-date virus protection on your computer, and if possible a firewall) If your computer asks for something else, full details of Easynet dial in settings are here. If you are not confident to set-up yourself we can usually talk you through by telephone, FREE
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(Return to our prices page for full details of each plan and our terms. Contact us by phone to add child accounts)

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I am over 18 & authorize Easynet to debit my credit card with all ongoing charges related to this plan until I notify otherwise. As well as the above details I have included my drivers license as proof of authorization. (If you haven't got a Drivers License, then other appropriate ID is required e.g. proof of age card & number).
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Provide 3 usernames in case your first choice is already taken. Usernames can be up to 8 characters. Only use characters a-z and 0-9 We recommend no capitals.
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