Hillbillies Square Dance Club - Beecroft, Sydney


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What is it

  Why Steve Dean first tried Square Dancing

Like many people I had done NO formal dancing in my teens. When 22 I got brave enough to enrol in Ball Room Dance classes, but I could not get my feet to do something and at the same time, get my arms to do something else. I felt awkward and I looked it

Then I saw an ad for Square Dancing in a health food store. I tried it and found it easy. The dancing is more like walking around and shaking hands. In no time I was automatically moving in time with the caller and the music - I was dancing.

Through square dancing I have gained a great new circle of friends. Square dancing works with all ages dancing together, so my parents and my children dance with me. (By the way, as a result of square dancing I can now Ball Room Dance.)

What do I like most? It is so much fun, we sure laugh a lot as the callers put us in and out of strange formations. I also like all the weekend dances and social events.

Steve Dean