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What is it

  • Are you scared of dancing?
  • Do you feel you would be awkward, embarrassed, with 'two left feet'?

If you want to continue that way, then don't read on.

When you try Modern Square Dancing you will be having too much fun to think about dancing, and the dancing will just happen.

What is Square dancing?

You may have seen Modern Square Dancing on television or in the news.

Square Dancing combines modern music with the steps and choreography from traditional times that have proved the most FUN to dance, and it continues to evolve

The dress code is smart casual. (Many long term dancers wear traditional outfits - dress up stage grade country and western shirts for the men, and skirts with large frilly petty coats for women)

The individual step names are standardised world wide. However the thing that makes square dancing unique is that the caller makes up the dance and puts the steps together as you dance it.

You never know what is coming next and part of the fun is dancing as a team to solve the puzzle and make the dance work. - It makes you think, and like other good sports, gives great mental stimulation.

An evening of square dancing can equal an 8km walk, burning off the calories without you even realising it.

Square Dancing is alcohol and smoke free, making it a healthy activity for you, your parents and your children.

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