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Are you scared of dancing?

Do you feel you would be awkward, embarrassed, with 'two left feet'?

If you want to continue that way, then don't read on.

When you try New Square Dancing you will be having too much fun to think about dancing, and the dancing will just happen.

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Our Guarantee  exploding star.gif (2841 bytes)

When you try New Square Dancing,  what we teach you, and what we say from the stage, will ensure you have:

Lots of fun and laughter, sometimes to the point of tears
Great social interaction. (You will be surprised how easy and quickly friendships develop, while learning to dance)
Mental stimulation, and
Improved fitness
Many single people find permanent partners through square dancing
You will also learn to dance in no time at all.
You will NOT experience two left feet, and
You will NOT have a chance to think about getting embarrassed.

Other Good News  exploding star.gif (2841 bytes)

You do not need to bring a partner. We pair you up with a new partner every 20 minutes, unless you particularly want to stay with the same one
Dress code is comfortable neat casual
In New Square Dancing music is lively and modern
In our club we welcome young and old, and families
People do not drink alcohol during dance sessions, because they want to stay alert as they do not know what we will call next!

Contact Information  exploding star.gif (2841 bytes)

Our New Square Dancing club meets at the Beecroft Public School Hall, in Sydney Australia, on Tuesday nights. Beginner classes are from 7.30 to 8.30pm, followed by a social dance for more experienced dancers. Call to find out when the next beginners class starts.

Experienced Dancers click here.

Telephone 02 9979 5736
FAX 02 9979 9521
Electronic mail
General: dance@easy.com.au
Vickie: vickie@easy.com.au
Steve: steve@easy.com.au